As previously discussed, the quality of your thoughts and especially the quality of the flow of your thoughts is one of the most important vibrational components of your brain. Those vibrations have the power to seriously affect us on both a physical and emotional level.

We know that high frequencies activate the mind. We also know that changing rhythms and melodies keep the mind awake and create new neural pathways. We also know that repetitive sounds and music put the left-brain to sleep. The left brain looks for change, and when there is no change over a period of time, it goes to sleep and the right brain takes over. The right brain then allows us to access deeper or higher states of consciousness. The most effective technique is to use rhythms to entrain the brain into specific brainwave states.

The below brainwave rates are from Jeffrey Thompson, who is the lead researcher in the field of brainwave entrainment.

This video below from I Am Sound TV provides a nice overview of some of the brainwave states. Please watch this video from 0.00 to 4.55.