Welcome to the Level 1 Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy & Sound Healing Course by Kindred Souls Collective. It is an honour to have you in my class. My brand is extremely important to me, so I am sharing these learnings with you with the expectation that you will represent both Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy & Sound Healing and Kindred Souls Collective in the highest regard. This extends not only to how you live your life, but how you represent yourself in all situations – aligned with your highest values and with intention in every moment.

As we progress through this course you will realise there is much more happening in the universe than we can see. Everything has its own rate of vibration, its own energy. How this energy behaves and what we call it, depends on its rate of vibration and where we find it. Quantum physics has proven that everything has vibration, whether it’s a table, a chair, a person, a planet, or a cosmos. And wherever there is sound, there is a vibration. When we use sound coupled with intention, which is the most important aspect of healing, we can direct sound vibration to raise the body’s vibrational frequency. 

Negative energy can make us physically ill or mentally depressed. Each bowl emits a soothing vibration that radiates out negative energy, which restricts our ability to reach our full physical, spiritual, and mental health. Once negative energy is radiated out through the vibration of the bowls, you’re ready to allow yourself to live in healthy harmony.

I look forward to spending two days with you learning all things Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy & Sound Healing.

Love + Light,